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Navigating social norms and building self esteem can be challenging. With our social coaching program "Adventures in Wisdom", students are provided with small group or one on one sessions that help students build character traits that will help them develop into strong, successful individuals.


Program Components



Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids is a children's social skills curriculum that assists children in learning life skills that can be utilized throughout their lifetime. Concepts are based on growth mindset concepts and encourages kids to take charge of their own lives by making solid, healthy life decisions.

These coaching sessions begin with a fiction based story where characters face life challenges. Connections to the characters and their journeys as they overcome these situations provide risk free opportunities for discussions where children can think about a character's interactions and apply them to their own world.

Focal Points

Focus Units of Adventures in Wisdom include:

  • Mind Power- Understand the power of your mind and why you achieve what you believe.

  • Inner Power- How to choose who you want to be and stand against peer pressure.

  • Me Power- How to develop soaring self-esteem and powerful self-confidence.

  • Dream Power- Create your vision, achieve your goals, and manifest your dreams.

  • Slaying Dragons- Learn to bust through fear, mistakes, failure, and change and go for your dreams.

Each of these concepts contain sub-skills, lessons, and mini stories that can be used to encourage children to better themselves. 

Coaching sessions can be scheduled in small groups or individual services.


More Information about Adventures in Wisdom, click the link above.